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2 Bed Occupancy Sensors and Control Unit and Adaptor

2 Bed Occupancy Sensors and  Control Unit and Adaptor

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The Bed Occupancy Sensor is a thin pad placed under the mattress which senses when a person gets out of bed and can be used to send a signal to alert a carer/family member or a Monitoring Centre that the person is either out of bed or has not returned within a preset time period. USAGE: This product can be helpful where a carer/family member is looking after someone who falls or who has been known to muddle day and night. If you sleep in a double bed (or larger) on your own you will need to have TWO Bed Occupancy Sensors. If you sleep in a double bed with someone else you will only need one on the side of the person who needs to be monitored. When used in conjunction with an X-10 Lamp Controller (you can order this product separately) a Bed Occupancy Sensor can also be used to switch a light on so that the user is able to find their way to and from the bed easily. NOTE: If there is an animal that sleeps on the bed with the user and does not get up when they do, then this product is not suitable.
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