On this page you can view a list of assessments available for you to answer. Each assessment's aim is to link you to the best solutions for you, including specialised products and services.

You can use the search box to find a particular area of help - try typing in a keyword. All results can be filtered by checking or unchecking on the tickboxes below the search box.

Clicking on the "Start Assessment" button will take you to the assessment area where you will be carefully linked to relevant products and services, which may be free depending on your council or local authority.

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Thresholds, door ways, steps


Sitting in chairs, watching TV

Dining Room

Eating and drinking


Cooking, cleaning, meals

Stairs and Steps

Steps, thresholds, stairs


Shower, bath, toilet, basin


Getting in and out of bed, sitting in bed, dressing

Around the Home

Everyday tasks, cleaning, moving around your home, security


Advice to help you stay independent in the garden


Personal Care

Personal care, medication, hygiene


Reminders, Memory and Safety


Improving communication, looking after your ears, technology


Advice to help you if you have poor eyesight


Getting Around

Walking indoors and outside, using transport



Keeping secure, safe and warm

Feeling Safe and Sound

Advice to help you to feel safe and secure in your home

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Find your area of need using our guide aboveon the left, then follow our steps below:

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Get your ability back

Simple exercises and techniques to help you keep or regain your ability.

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Expert help

Answer a few questions from our experts to find the product or service that is right for you.

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