This page is all about Login with LifeCurve and how you can use it to access multiple services from ADL Smartcare.

Login with LifeCurve

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A visual representation of how Login with LifeCurve can be used on the LifeCurve App and ADL Platform

Login with LifeCurve™ - the Single Sign-On for ADL Smartcare services

Having an Login with LifeCurve™ account gives you access to ADL Smartcare services including Smart Life in Fife (the ADL Platform™) and the brand new LifeCurve™ App. Using just one set of login details, you can easily connect to advice and services relevant to your needs.

Your Login with LifeCurve account syncs your LifeCurve™ data across all ADL Smartcare services, so your ageing goal is available at the click of a button whenever you want to check your progress.

It's easy to create your Login with LifeCurve account

Create an Login with LifeCurve account to get started with Smart Life in Fife in a few simple steps. To begin, select the "Sign In" button from the main menu at the top of each page. On the following page, select the "Sign up with Login with LifeCurve" button. We'll need a few details from you when creating your Login with LifeCurve such as your name, email and postcode.

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Benefits of Login with LifeCurve™

  • 1 Works with the LifeCurve™ App on your mobile or tablet device
  • 2 Sync your LifeCurve™ progress between the app and Smart Life in Fife
  • 3 No need to remember login details for multiple websites
  • 4 Manage your details, including contact information, all in one place
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